Why Do My Speakers Pop When I Turn Them On?

Speakers that poop every time you turn them on may become potentially dangerous to your device. After you invest in a sound system, whether a top-class set up or even an affordable one, it only makes sense that you expect no feedback from it and the perfect sound fidelity.

Why Do My Speakers Pop When I Turn Them On?

This is why that bothering popping sound that usually comes with a poorly set up or new sound system can easily turn from being a simple annoyance to a major source of irritation.

So, why do my speakers pop when I turn them on?

This article aims to tackle some of the main culprits behind that popping sound problem:


Your amplifier might be the main source of crackling and popping noises, particularly in older models. Different components like capacitors and transistors degrade after several years which can lead to intermittent connections and poor sound quality.

The sockets holding these components together loosen and corrode that also contributes to connection issues. The vibrations from the loud bass music can shake up the amplifier. Loose internal components or wiring will produce some popping sounds in the speakers.

A professional technician can check the amplifier, repair faulty connections, and replace any defective parts.

Device Interference

The popping sound issue in speakers can be repaired by simply moving away the electronics from the speaker setup. Phones are usually the culprits, and your system can also pop because of portable music devices. To fix the popping problem, all you have to do is move these devices away from your speakers.

Wires and Inputs

Popping often results from not completely plugging in the wires all the way. Don’t forget to check every input connection in your system to ensure that you have fully plugged in everything. Similarly, the wires of your system might have already been damaged or even aged, which can lead to a shoddy performance that may result in odd or popping noises.

Internal Speaker Wiring

Wires inside the speakers carry current to the sound gathering components from the external connectors. Long-term abuse can make the wiring loosen and create noise, particularly if you are playing some loud songs.

Strong vibrations that come from the speakers will temporarily break a poor-quality connection which can then result in those annoying popping noises.

When you have the necessary tools handy, you can also try to fix this issue on your own. All you have to do is identify and solder or replace any broken wires. However, replacing them might already be necessary, unless your speakers are higher-end units.

Sound Card

If you are running your speakers through your PC, the popping noises might be the result of the failures of the sound cards. Similar to all computer parts, the sound cards also age or may become unworkable after some time which can lead to poor performance. Many computer stores can diagnose issues with sound cards and sell replacements if needed.


Another common reason why your speakers pop every time you turn them on is because of the poor connection between the speakers, the amplifier, and the speaker cables. The points of connection can corrode after some time and when mishandled, the cables may even pull loose.

While the cable itself may be very durable and robust, the moment the wire suffers from damage or gets pinched in furniture, this will fray and create noises in your speakers. Most of the time, fixing this problem is easy. All you have to do is check the cable at the speakers and amplifier. You can repair or replace the wires if the connections are no longer solid.


Many of the components of an audio system use somewhat small quantities of electrical current. Large amounts of current are consumed by speakers. They produce sound through the back-and-forth movement of air, and this action uses up energy.

This is the very reason why each audio system requires a power amplifier for producing the required current. If a bad connection ends up interrupting the current for whatever reason, it can make the speakers move all of a sudden, producing loud popping noises.

These erratic movements can cause stress on the delicate wiring within the speakers and might cause them to fail.


Cracking or popping is usually the result of playing music at extremely high volumes. If you are running your speaker setup through your computer, those popping sounds might be the result of discordance between your speaker volume and your computer volume.

If you have your computer volume set very low, you might have unknowingly turned up the speakers too high, leading to that popping sound.

Still Got a Popping Problem?

Certain popping sounds might have something to do with the internal components of your speaker system, and the only way to fix them is with the help of more advanced knowledge of this technology. I none of the above methods work for you, you can always hire a professional technician who can diagnose the system for you and do the necessary fixes accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Speaker systems are not cheap investments. Whether you are a seasoned audiophile or just someone who wants high-quality song listening and movie watching experiences, great-sounding speakers are a must.

After all the money you spent on the system and the effort and time you used to install every component, the last thing you want to hear from your speakers are crackling and popping sounds.

Aside from the fact that they can be very annoying, these strange noises can also produce sudden movements in the speakers, possibly damaging them as a result.

The main culprit for this issue is a bad or poor connection somewhere in your speaker system. The issue might also be in a cable, in a certain piece of equipment, or even in the speakers themselves.

Now that you know why your speakers pop when you turn them on, try to address them accordingly so you can enjoy the sounds to the fullest and get the best out of your significant investment.