Best Budget Audiophile Power Cable

If you thought that you need to spend over a hundred bucks or more for an audiophile power cable to eliminate noises and get a high-quality sound in your home, you’re getting the wrong idea.

You don’t need high-end materials for your audio power cord. A decent power cord only needs a proper design to provide resistance and continuous transmission of current. The only truth you need is that inexpensive power chords will work just the same way as high-end power cords as long as they’re properly engineered.

The performance of your audio system lies in the flow of current on your power cable and the flow of signals on other connectors. In a nutshell, frequencies, noises, and soundwaves can affect more of the performance of your signal cable than your power cable.

A well-designed network can regulate and filter power internally without special power conditioning.

Don’t get awed by expensive metals; you only need a good conductor that can handle electricity, and enough length that’s no shorter than three feet. A quality power cord doesn’t necessarily improve the quality of the sound. But somehow, it may eliminate noise pollution brought by EMI or RFI.

To make selecting power cords easy for you, we have tested the best budget audiophile power cables that you can rely on your stage gigs, family events, or ordinary listening.

Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Signature Power Cable

Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Signature Power Cable

Probably the cheapest among Pangea power cables, each core boasts of Cardas Grade 1 copper conductor and pure OFC. These are Litz and solid conductors. The 14 AWG cores are excellent for wide current deliveries at the line level.

Pangea designed AC 14SE for specific source components.

The power cable is durable enough for years of usage. The silver-plated and braided shield is highly resistant to EM and RF interference, making it possible to accommodate the power demand of your premium audio components.

It offers sufficient power while shielding the cables to provide noise-free currents.

This low-cost premium cable accepts power and transfers them smoothly on its conductors with 24k gold plated copper plugs.

Take note that each Pangea cable is handcrafted to meet specific requirements.

You can use this for cable for these components:

  • Music streamers
  • Soundbars
  • Powered speakers
  • DACs
  • Preamps
  • Receivers
  • Cable/satellite
  • Blu-ray players

While this could be the cheapest Pangea power cable, you may find this one as the most expensive in this list.

Viborg 125V, 15A, 10AWG Audiophile Power Cord

Viborg 125V, 15A, 10AWG Audiophile Power Cord

While Viborg is known for their high-quality power plugs and cables, they never fail music enthusiasts in bringing quality on cheaper power cords.

This Viborg power cord uses red copper multi-conductors coated in polyethylene. The cotton fillers keep the 17mm diameter and 10AWG cores in place, and are covered with durable thick polyethylene.

The well-designed power cord is webbed with braided red and black expandable sleeves to eliminate noises coming from other Hi-Fi components, and prevent them from interrupting the power supply.

Both male and female plugs are gold plated to ensure a smooth transfer of current.

This power cord engineering enables the cable to stand high current and a smooth power supply delivery to different Hi-Fi components.

The Viborg power cord is not only cheap and stylish but works as efficiently as expensive power cords you can find on the market.

Feel its noise-reducing power and see the difference in bass and sound quality after plugging this 10AWG Viborg power cord.

Viborg 10AWG, 16mm HiFi Power Cord

Viborg 10AWG, 16mm HiFi Power Cord

Viborg continuously produces a high-quality audiophile power cord even for the lowest price. You may call this power cord from Viborg underpriced.

It has been carefully designed to put in a power cable of 17mm diameter to handle high-current of 10AWG using pure copper multi-conductors. The fillers carefully put the conductors in place and control as they’re covered in high-grade polyethylene.

The wisely-engineered low-cost power cord uses gold plated US standard male plug and an IEC320 C13 female connector. Gold plated plugs in copper multi-conductors probably make the best HiFi power cords.

Indeed, you can enjoy the benefit of a premium audiophile cord for a cheap price.

WAudio 125V, 15A, 10AWG HiFi Power Cord

WAudio 125V, 15A, 10AWG HiFi Power Cord

Heat your playlist up and ensure an uninterrupted music jam with this stylish black audiophile power cord from the WAudio. Known for its quality low-cost Hi-Fi cables, this power cord delivers like the high-end Hi-Fi power cords available.

Probably the best combination to transmit power, the connector plug has a gold-plated finish that equally transmits power to the copper multi-strand conductors. The 99% copper wiring is covered with 100% mylar foil shield to reject noises that affect the power cable’s performance.

Power-up your HiFi equipment such as power filter, amplifier, and turntables with this power cord covered and filtered with braided and expandable PET sleeves in stylish black.

All you need is a trusted brand of the quality power cord to enjoy your late-night and daylight music playing without taking much money. This not-so-costly investment is a wise buy to add up to your HiFi system.

Monosaudio 125V, 15A, 12AWG Audiophile Power Cable

Monosaudio 125V, 15A, 12AWG Audiophile Power Cable

Monosaudio 125V, 15 Amps, 12 AWG power cable uses multi-strand copper conductors to ensure the uninterrupted flow of electricity to enable other components to deliver captured high-quality sounds.

The power cord construction makes it possible to supply uninterrupted power for your favorite Hi-Fi equipment like amplifiers, turntables, DAC, CD player, and more.

Filled with shock-absorbing fillers like cotton, the thick and high-quality polyethylene coating insulates the wires ensuring that the multi-strand copper wires don’t touch each other.

The 3.2 sq mm cross-section area of the wiring and 4.9 feet durable power cable construction is enough to hold powerful 12AWG input.

High-quality PVC nylon braided shield protects the insulated copper wires from noises that may interfere with the electricity transmission.

The connector has a zinc-alloy body with rhodium plating for US standard plug and IEC connectors.

Enjoy a long night of playing music with reduced noises and continuous current to keep the party going with Monosaudio 125V, 15 Amps, 12 AWG power cable.


As a music enthusiast, you only need a reliable power cable to count on for your music jamming nights. What you need is a power cable that can accommodate high-demanding Hi-Fi components that can also produce quality sounds without altering the quality of current supplied.

It doesn’t need to have the highest types of material. A quality audiophile power cable must be well-designed to provide an uninterrupted power supply and a neat and clear sound.

Now that you have the idea of the best audiophile power cables for your budget, you can stream unlimited and party the way you want.