How to Cause Interference with Speakers

Music is meant to be soothing to the ears, but if you are living in an apartment building with a neighbor who loves playing loud music in the middle of the night, this will definitely not be the case. Of course, your first option here is to ask them kindly to lower the volume of their speakers.

How to Cause Interference with Speakers

However, what if the noise continues? If you are already deprived of sleep to the point that it affects your day-to-day life, learning how to cause interference with speakers might be your last straw of hope.

Disclaimer: This article discusses several ways of causing interference to silence speakers such as those of your neighbors. Illegal or destructive actions are not recommended nor is the use of violence promoted in any way.

It is best to check on the laws in your area that disallow some of the actions that might be presented in this article. Please bear in mind that some of the techniques discussed here might be prohibited and must be done at your own risk.

Causing interference with speakers from a distance means exactly just that. Stick to the law while keeping your distance.

How Speakers Work

A speaker functions on an unintentional electromagnetic interference. Speakers would normally play in-house. It means that the sound that comes out of them is both on a similar wavelength. This is what you call constructive interference.

If a frequency is made up of two wavelengths on alternating patterns, these are known as destructive interference. The wavelengths are actually 180 degrees out of phase.

What you hear is music being in-phase. The combination of the alternating wavelengths can bring about complete silence or noise. If you want to cause interference with speakers, once again, you have to remember that your best choice is to go out and talk to your neighbors about the noise problem.

Now that you have an idea of how speakers work, here are some ways you can try to cause interference with them.

Active Noise Control

Also called noise cancellation, active noise control uses noise-canceling speakers to eliminate or reduce background noise. Many headphone manufacturing companies use this software to cancel out any ambient noise.

Before you begin the manual process of noise-canceling, you need to prepare a microphone and a pre-amplification source for it, a mixing table, and two speakers connected with inverse polarity.

You then need to wait for the neighbors to play loud music. Once the loud tunes start to come out from their speakers, it is the perfect time to get your noise cancelation device ready.

While the music is on, the microphone should be directed in their direction to help pick up the sound. This will mark the beginning of the amplification process. You will want to put up the amplification in a reverse direction with inverted polarity. A 180-degree wavelength will be added by the inverted speakers that allow offsetting of the in-phase wavelengths. It will disturb the sound and reduce the sound or completely eliminate it eventually.

Use a CB Radio

The second method needs a more do-it-yourself process. For this technique, you need to prepare a few things, which include the following:

  • CB Radio antenna
  • Affordable CB Radio
  • Linear amplifier
  • Tone generator

A citizens band or CB radio is a type of mobile radio system that allows individual-to-individual short-distance voice communications. This functions in the high-frequency band on 40 channels.

Meanwhile, a tone generator is a form of electronic device that can artificially produce sound frequencies in an electrical signal form and converts this into sounds. This is also called a signal generator.

For this method, the first thing you need to do is to determine the exact position of the speakers in your neighbor’s house. Put the amplifier and antenna close to this location outside the house of your neighbor. The best location will allow more effective destruction of speakers. At this time, you are set up and prepared for causing interference.

Get the tone generator to produce a tone of 10 Hertz. When you start the tone generator, this will let the amplifier amplify the AM signals, emitting a 10kHz electrical pulse. This 10kHz will then be emitted from the speakers of your neighbor, which is enough to destroy the speaker completely.

Considering this method, there is another more polite way to proceed. Put up the CB system in your garage with an old speaker. Invite over your neighbor and use your invention to kindly pique their interest.

Offer to show this to them as a test run in your garage. Blow it up in front of your neighbor as a way of showing them that you mean business and you won’t tolerate it when they play loud music. This is not to make any threats, and instead, it is only you showing your invention to them and sending them a subtle message.

Take Advantage of Annoy-A-Tron

Another alternative way to destroy the speaker of your neighbors. You can make them destroy their own using the right level of annoyance. You can buy a magnet and an Annoy-A-Tron.

You need to set your preferred time interval that is also convenient enough for you to walk away. This particular method will require you to hold the speakers of your neighbor.

For this method, you should go to the house of your neighbor and ask them politely to lower the volume or avoid playing their music for a long time. Be sure to consider all the possibly friendly and harmless solutions before you do something extreme.

Choose any annoying then hide the device around or in the speaker. If your neighbor agrees but doesn’t take any action to end the noise, return to their house and look for the speaker. You can stick the Annoy-A-Tron inside or on the speaker and set the timer accordingly. Sit back, relax, and listen as your neighbor tears their speaker apart, trying to locate the annoying sound.

At the end of the day, causing interference with speakers may require some unlawful methods. Once again, any form is not recommended. The methods stated above aren’t meant to cause harm to anyone, damage any property, or destroy electrical wiring.