Best Multi Effects Pedal for Live Performance

Playing guitar live has never been more straightforward and enthralling when you have a large collection of sounds stacked in one device. Multi-effects pedals allow you to instantaneously access eargasmic effects and seamlessly switch between them — a deadly weapon for live performances!

With the continuous progress of DSP technology, the sound quality of multi-effect pedals has dramatically improved such that many musicians are flocking towards it. No wonder that some are even abandoning their stompboxes and customized pedalboards.

Gone are the days when you needed to purchase one device per effect. For the multi-effect and amp modeler, you can access multiple effects simultaneously in a single press of a button or even switch between complex sound patches.

For live gigs, you need a reliable gadget that will support your sets throughout. Here are four of the outstanding multi-effects pedals that will blow you away.

Boss GT-1000

BOSS GT-1000

This flagship product of Boss is a beast in terms of tone quality as it is incorporated with the latest AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology. This AIRD innovation is patterned from Boss’ tube amplifiers that enhance the tonal responses of your guitar when playing live.

The gadget’s black metal chassis is stunning to the eyes and durably encases the whole equipment. The streamlined design of the GT-1000 is perfect for musicians on the go. Whether your gigs are done inland or in remote places, its lightweight and compact design make it very portable.

GT-1000 has a user-friendly interface with neatly arranged buttons and five momentary footswitches. On the GT-1000’s top left is a large screen and underneath it are six rotary knobs mapped to different functions.

Computer connectivity is flawless in GT-1000 as its drivers are compatible with both OSX and Windows. You can install its free software, Boss Tone Studio (BTS), which allows you to download patches directly from the Tone Central Website to your GT-1000 for editing and manipulation. The BTS even has an app version where you can also hook up to your GT-1000! Lastly, you can connect it to the computer as an audio interface.

Mooer GE200

Mooer GE200

It’s almost unbelievable but this small guy has a lot of value in it – 55 amp models, 26 cabinet models, and 70 effects. Yes, Mooer GE200 is one of the most compact multi-effect and amp modeling options with a performance that far outweighs its size and price!

The device is relatively lightweight, weighing just 1.4 kgs, so it can be conveniently transported anywhere without causing any burden. Also, if you don’t have an audio interface, the GE200 can be used as one so you can directly record those guitar riffs in your Digitial Audio Workstation (DAW).

Across the robust, shiny metallic board is an expression pedal and three footswitches — two switches for navigation and one switch for multiple functions like tuner, looper, and tempo. Aside from the built-in expression pedal, you can connect another external expression pedal.

Its LCD is large enough for tweaking configurations and effects. A LED light illuminates an effect button being used in the effect chain. This is beneficial to easily detect which effects are used in a specific program.

For a larger screen and an in-depth effects setup, you can download GE200 Studio for free from their website.

HeadRush Pedalboard

HeadRush Pedalboard

Headrush ingeniously integrates a capacitive colored touchscreen to this amp and effects modeler. The result is an incredible level of flexibility and convenience. Onboard the Headrush is an impressive factory bank – 15 cab models, 33 amp models, 270 factory presets, and 10 microphone models.

The touchscreen is 7 inches wide, which responses quickly when touched, and three knobs at its right that implements the set parameters in real-time. Just tap a blank rig on the screen and a selector screen will pop-up to prompt you what type of effect you want to apply – cab, amp, distortion, EQ, reverb, delay, or modulation. The sequence and routing of the effects can be changed effortlessly by just dragging them.

One excellent feature of the Headrush is its ability to customize a parameter hands-free. You can do this by briefly holding down the button corresponding to that specific parameter. Automatically, all the LED strip displays of the other parameter buttons will be replaced by the sub-parameters relative to the specific parameter such as feedback, delay, mix, and ratio. Just choose the sub-parameter and conveniently adjust its level using the expression pedal.

Line 6 POD Go

Line 6 POD Go

This multi-effect is very compact yet produces a truly remarkable power, being built around the HX technology of the famous Helix LT multi-effect pedalboard. Line 6 POD Go is an all-in-one package that includes a colored LCD, intuitive interface, and Snapshots that allow you to switch between programs effortlessly without audio dropout.

Weighing around 2 kgs, it is perfect for live performances. On its 4×2 inches colored display, you will see the amp effects arranged as blocks for easy visualization. On its side are navigation buttons and the master volume. Underneath it are five parameter knobs that can also be pushed for other functions.

There are eight footswitches onboard – two for up and down navigation; four for factory presets; one for mode/edit/exit function; and one for the tuner.

Inside the Pod GO is a rich factory of dazzling sounds, having 256 presets for 128 factory and 128 user slots. Each preset contains the following blocks: volume, wah, amp/preamp, EQ, and IR – all of which can be sequenced according to your choice but adding or reducing blocks is not possible.


The multi-effect pedals nowadays have become even more sophisticated, having LCD screens for easy setup lookup and the ability to be reconfigured using external software.

While all of the multi-effects pedals are powerful and state-of-the-art, the HeadRush Pedalboard has shown to be the most promising with its advanced touchscreen technology and real-time effects manipulation.

Also, it is hard to overlook the Boss GT-1000. It might be a bit pricier but its features are impeccable, considering that the gadget can be seamlessly linked to your smartphone. The Mooer GE200 is worth mentioning too because, despite its petite size, it performs marvelously.