Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1500

Getting a new instrument is a daunting journey in itself. Making a choice on committing to a single product is in itself an investment. When you have a hefty budget of $1500, you can choose from a lot of guitars. This price range is often referred to as mid-range to high-end. Buying an acoustic guitar under $1500 can be challenging as some are always better than others.

This guide will help you determine the best performers, so you can compare and know what specifics, features and benefits you need for your next acoustic guitar.

Martin 15 Series D-15M

Martin 15 Series D-15M Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Martin has been in the market of selling acoustic guitars for more than 150 years now – a giant in the market at innovating and exceeding expectations on guitar making craftsmanship. The Martin D-15M is a full acoustic guitar with a flattop dreadnought body with no cutaways. It’s top, back, and the sides are made entirely from solid genuine mahogany, enhancing the natural look with a soft satin finish.

A mix of Indian rosewood fretboard and mahogany neck provides a smooth and comfortable play. It’s also crafted with a dovetail neck joint along with an A-fame-X-bracing for a more rigid feel. All of these combined makes for a warm, mellow and rich tone and resonance.

While Martin Guitars is not really known for being “budget” and more of an outside-the-comfort zone in terms of price. Any newbie would think twice to pay for a guitar twice the price of a $500 model. However, owning a Martin Guitar is an experience in itself.

It caters to a lot to different play styles. Whether it’s fingerstyle or flat-picking, the tone lends itself to what you want to express. Years were spent on cultivating and honing high-quality guitar craftsmanship all packaged in an elegant design yet simple and durable to provide a rich fantastic sound.

Takamine EF341SC

Takamine Pro Series EF341SC

The Japanese brand known as one of the pioneers of introducing the acoustic-electric models in 1978, Takamine has stood the test of time. Recently, the company has introduced their Legacy Series. A handcrafted dreadnought, the EF341SC is one of the Takamine guitars that were too good to be lost in time.

Through the Legacy Series, bringing the guitar’s reinvention and perfection to the present time is a possibility. This way, musicians can fully explore what the guitar has to offer.

Sporting a dreadnought body with deep cutaway and made from solid cedar accompanied by laminated on the back and the sides. The guitar gives a warm, full, and very responsive sound. Some might say that this wood combination may be unusual, but it brings forth a great balance in tone.

Equipped with a rosewood fretboard and mahogany that connects to the body with a sturdy dovetail joint, it complements very well to its cedar top with a smooth and sturdy feel. Finished with highly-polished piano black finish and a white top binding, the guitar boasts of a simple but classy look.

Being an acoustic-electric guitar, it’s also equipped with Takamine’s renowned quality electronics and preamp system that works best with performers. Tried and tested through time, Takamine’s EF341SC comes as a great asset for intermediate players and performing professionals alike.

Taylor 214CE DLX

Taylor 214ce

The American company Taylor Guitars is known for producing semi-hollow, acoustic-electric guitars that speak nothing else but top-quality. Taylor Guitars took models from their 200 Series and brought them to a different level. The improved standard 214CE now has a narrow waste, but still sports the Grand Auditorium body size. The change may be subtle, but it makes a big difference.

Using the same solid Sitka spruce top, now combined with laminated rosewood on the sides and back connected to a maple wood neck and ebony fretboard. The wood combination produces a balanced yet rich and warm tone with the spruce top providing great articulation. Amazing sound accompanied by a very classy look that comes with either a natural finish or a vintage-tinted sunburst.

Equipped with Taylor’s brand of top-quality electronic innovation, it sports Taylor’s Expression System 2 with a small selection of controls and behind-the-saddle pickup. Others may find it lacking in versatility, but it does provide an incredibly natural sound when used live.

Being a brand means that great quality is always expected and this is no different. The 214CE DLX feels very solid and looks exquisite. With equipment to bring it all together, consider this when looking for your next guitar.

Blueridge BR-160

Blueridge BR-160

Blueridge has its reputation for giving the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to guitars. Many musicians have shifted to using their BR-160. It has been among the best performing vintage style dreadnoughts out there. Blueridge’s Historic Series celebrates the company’s history through the BR-160. The vintage dreadnought captures a pre-war aesthetic that exudes excellent craftsmanship.

The guitar sports a combination of solid Sitka spruce top paired with Indian rosewood for its sides and back. It is topped off with a mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard. It gives off a full and balanced tone along with a sweet, mellow sound for a feeling of vintage warmth. Additionally, it gives the right amount of volume and projection due to its dreadnought body.

Conservative players may be swayed by its refined sound that is very pleasing to hear. You can also appreciate the attention to detail that they took on assembling this guitar, which makes it easy to work with.

Performance comes first before looks, but this guitar excels in both. It feels very durable due to its solid construction, but it also feels comfortable to use. It’s very suitable for live performances or recordings of any genre.


Each of the models featured here is remarkable on its own. Each product presents itself as a worthy candidate for the next guitar to include in your arsenal. Each guitar celebrates its own innovations as well as looks back to its roots, and that’s what makes guitar craftsmanship worth paying for.

Some musicians have specifics that they tend to look for in a guitar. While others would want something easy to work with for those long hours they could be spending between practice and performance. Comfort, performance, and versatility are an instrument’s selling points. With this in mind, the Blueridge BR-160 a great choice when investing in an instrument that you can use for countless hours.