Best Budget Double Din Head Unit

A double din head unit has become essential for any car because of its robust functionalities as well as its excellent sound quality. It is fitted seamlessly into a car’s dashboard to help people manage their vehicle’s infotainment system.

A good head unit not only has great vehicle controls but also excellent audio quality. This is perfect for those who enjoy music and movies during long travels.

In this review, we have summarized the four best budget double din head units that you can buy in the market. This list features double din head units with great value for its price. We focus on each unit’s connectivity, compatibility, sound, and control qualities.

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B with its 6.2 inches Touchscreen LED Display boasts of numerous features in its system both basic and advanced. You can control it using its touch screen, wireless remote, or the steering wheel.

BOSS Audio has excellent external and input compatibility. It is compatible with smartphones and MP3 Players, and supports multiple inputs such as rear and front camera, USB flash drives, SD cards, even DVDs, and CDs. Of course, the classic AM/FM option is also available for those who enjoy listening to their favorite radio stations.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity which allows users to make calls hands-free and play music wirelessly. This way, you can easily use music apps and stream audio via Spotify or Pandora.

This unit is also perfect for those who want customizable output as it allows a lot of peripherals. It has pre-amp outlets for speakers and subwoofer, as well as a video output for extra screen viewing capability.

Its built-in equalizer also allows you to control your music quality. You can either choose preset music styles like Rock and Pop or choose to manually set bass, treble, balance, and fader options.


ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth

If you are comfortable with Android, then you might like ATOTO A6’s interface. It is an advanced double din car navigation stereo developed from the popular Android Marshmallow Operating System.

You can conveniently control its various options using its 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, steering wheel, or its wireless remote.

This head unit has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing hands-free call and media playback. It can support up to three connected devices for audio and data communications.

Its key feature is its online capability. Users can access real-time map navigation and music streaming via the internet. Like smartphones, you can easily install apps from Google Play Store via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tethering and access different file formats.

ATOTO supports multiple input and phone mirroring. It is compatible with the latest Android and iOS devices. You can connect through USB and Wi-Fi for Android and Airplay for iOS.

It supports unlimited micro USB and SD storage as well as an SSD drive. There is no CD or DVD player in this head unit, but AM/FM is still available. And, it has a built-in amplifier and equalizer for better sound quality.


Binize 10 Inch Android Car Multimedia Radio Touch Screen Double Din

Binize is another Android double din multipurpose stereo system. It has a 10-inch touchscreen, easily the largest screen on this list.

Binize claims a clear and wonderful visual experience, fast response, and smooth system operation. It has a lot of basic and advanced features that only the more expensive units usually have. It has both Bluetooth connectivity and a Wi-Fi module and so, you can install apps like Gmail, Skype, or YouTube from the Google Play Store.

For inputs, you can connect a USB camera for recording and it also supports Android and iPhone devices. It allows phone mirroring and would be great for working individuals as it operates like any smart device. It supports a lot of media file types like Pdf, Word, and Excel.

You also won’t worry about the sound quality as it also has a built-in equalizer and pre-set music effects that you can easily choose from. Aside from online music streaming, you can also play music through Bluetooth stereo and the classic FM Radio. You can also play external audio and video resources via its USB ports.


Corehan 7 inch Touch Screen in Dash Car Radio Video Multimedia Player with Bluetooth WiFi GPS Navigation System

Corehan is probably the best-customized system out of all the head units in this list. It is developed based on the newer Android 10 and supports the installation of apps from the Google Play Store.

It is relatively easy to use. You can manage this device through a touchscreen, physical buttons, and steering wheel controls.

Like the other units with Bluetooth connectivity, it helps people make hands-free calls while driving. This stereo also has built-in and external GPS for easy online or offline navigation.

Corehan is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen and can share video output to the headrest monitors. You can enhance audio quality by using its output options. It can support subwoofer and amplifier RCA output and can accommodate two video monitors.

This android car stereo also supports a rear camera input and various media channels like USB drive, micro SD, and Bluetooth. It allows phone mirroring and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Although it has no CD or DVD player, it has an AM/FM stereo option. It has a clean sound quality and a built-in equalizer, which is enough for daily travel entertainment.


Overall, the BOSS Audio System has an edge among the four products in terms of sound quality and customization. Although not an android based system, it is excellent solely for its multimedia entertainment purposes. With that note, ATOTO A6 also came a close second because of its multi-purpose functions.

All of them have Bluetooth connectivity as well as support to many input devices. But BOSS has more precise and adjustable sound quality and control options.

It has a built-in equalizer and re-amp outlets which made it customizable for any sound needs. What’s more, is it has a CD and DVD player option.

Overall, this system has great integration and sound control capabilities that any media entertainment enthusiast would love. We can say that in terms of sound quality and optimization, this is the best budget double din head unit that is currently available in the market.